traces of memory
Alex is stranded in his own nightmare. In order to get out, he needs to go deeper and deeper into his memories. But reliving them is not going to be easy at all: he will have to face things he has worked really hard to forget.
alex's immersion and journey
Going deeper and deeper into his memories, Alex comes across his old remembrances, but they are no longer what they used to be. Everything has changed, and each step ahead is another step towards damnation.
the oblivion
alex's frail and disturbed mind is the main fuel for the rebuilding of these environments.
his mind's projection
alex will have to go through dark, sinister places; reconstructed and distorted in his own mind.
There is hope somewhere in there. Alex still has some friends
remnants of the past
Some scars never heal: once more, Alex is going back to the school from his youth: secrets will be revealed and mysteries uncovered.
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